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Mattstone is easy to use and goes on all natural stone floors. I've been using it for many years without a problem.

Does what it says: brings out the colours in natural stones and protects from stains. Slightly darkens the colour.

Leaves ceramics and porcelains with a wet look.

A gloss , slightly wet look, to natural stones

Some polished porcelain is more suseptible to stains than others. You can't go by price - Wickes do a 600x600mm polished porcelain that's very good from as little as £16pm2

Even if it seems fine, it's worth a quick wipe over with this for peace of mind - I've used some that are as bad as porous natural stone for staining. 

You may need a wax remover to clean the tile before sealing. Most of this may have been removed if you grout before sealing but not recommended that way!'ve sealed the floor and it looks lovely, now make sure it stays that way by using the products below. If you use a floor cleaner that's too harsh, you may remove the protective seal over time and will end up trying to remove ingrained dirt and resealing.

....natural stones may need a top up coat of sealer every 3 years (depending on traffic and use/cleaning products,etc)


Use this for all floors especially good for delicate stones when maintaining the sealer protection. 

May need buffing on polished surfaces.

If you've gone for a wet look or gloss finsh use this to keep that look and add protection.

A gentle cleaner that will not ruin grout. To be used on porcelain and ceramics only. May not need as much buffing on poilshed surfaces as the waxwash.

Clean fireplaces etc with sealed or unsealed natural stones, cement,etc

Just spray this all over the tiles to add a thin layer of protection to the tile but mainly also to help keep the grout clean.

A tough cleaner, pretty hard core. Don't be fooled by sales pitching, any dirt rerquires a lot of hard work to remove from old tiles but the right product does help. I've used this a few times with good results.

Kills and prevents mould, fungus, moss & algae from growing in your grout.


.....You need the right cleaning agent, but don't overlook what you use to clean with. You need something abrasive but make sure it doesn't scratch or discolour the tile.

Test a tile first if you can. coloured abrasive pads can often leave marks on natural stones 


COOL TIP: If you get scratches on porcelain/ceramic tiles you can't remove (like from metal being dragged along the surface) just rub some colour matched grout powder (unmixed) into the scratch with your fingers. It's awesome. May work on natural stones but need to be more careful the grout doesn't cause a stain on these!

...make sure you seal the tiles before grouting to avoid staining and remember to get them spotlessly clean before you do.


You can test any sealers first by sealing half a tile and comparing the 2 halves when dry.