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The pro30 is much better at self levelling and you can tile on it in under an hour!

Pro50 has fibres in it and is very good for filling deep areas in a single installation (up to 50mm) and is also rapid set but best to tile on the following day.

Both are flexible, suitable for ply overlays and underfloor heating and can be used internally & externally

Versatile boards: cut with a knife.

Tile ready (no priming)


High impact strength

Fire class 0!

Use 6mm or 10mm beneath underfloor heating to dramatically reduce heat up time and increase efficiency.

Use 10mm upwards on walls

(10mm sup[ports 85kg per m2!)

Stick to screed with adhesive

Screw to wood using these washers

Non flammable

Strong and easy to use

No silica

Paint, wallpaper, skim & tile

Mould resistant

water resistant

12mm board supports 80kg per m2 of tile!

Use to overlay chipboard floors with 6mm board or replace plasterboard on walls with 12mm.

Easily waterproof wet areas such as showers:

Simply prime the area and stick the tape over any gaps using the wet seal as glue.

Then roll a layer of wet seal over the whole area and your done.

Tile the next day

Essential for lasting installations.

A good primer to be used in most situations before using powder adhesive.

5 litre bottles cover a large area, especially when diluted as necessary over porous substrates.

Just roll on for quickest results.

Can also be added to adhesives to make them extra sticky or for a slurry coat over glazed tiles.

....tip: self levelling compounds require skill to install successfully. Install carpentary packers with adhesive onto the floor first using a good spirit level to guage the depth required over the whole area.

....also, these levellers are very sensitive to the amount of water mixed so make sure you use one of our buckets to measure correctly. not mix by hand, it will be lumpy, use a mechanical mixer and mix a full bag at a time if you can

Great price for anti-fracture matting ensuring there's no cracks in the tiling with up to 3mm of movement.

Allows tiling of new screeded areas in as little as 2 days from instalment instead of 6 weeks +! 

Easy to cut and full of holes so any excess adhesive pulls out instaed of creating bumps like other mats do.

Prices exclusive of VAT golden rule of tiling is - get the substrate right before you tile!

If you're not sure how to do this please call our technical advice line