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  • Add this to grouts to make them extra flexible:
  • Use on floors when tiling over a single timber layer (best to overlay first with proply)  or walls subject to high vibration because the builder did a bad job. 
  • Dilutes 2:1 with water and would mix over 3 5kg bags of grout.
  • Can also use this with adhesive to make it extra flexible so worth keeping a bottle with you if you're a pro.                                                                                                                        

I can supply the green and yellow bags below but they are not much cheaper and don't have the technology of the other grouts.

The green tub (epoxy) is for professionals only and is for when completely sterile environments are required.

....these 3 types of grout should be all you need for any tiling project (only commercial kitchens may require an epoxy grout for extra hygiene)

If you're not sure which grout to choose, call the technical line


  • Best for pro tilers as this is rapid setting, however, it is easy to clean off.
  • Great value,
  • Good choice of colours
  • Flexible
  • Anti-bacterial
  • 1mm-12mm joints (fine textured so best with smaller joints).
  • Water Resistant
  • Internal/external
  • Pot life 30 mins
  • Easy to use, slow set grout.
  • Great for walls
  • Good colour choice with matching silicones
  • Especially good on mosaics and glass.
  • 1mm-5mm joints
  • Anti-bacterial & fungal resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Only use on floors if very light traffic
  • Internal/External
  • Very flexible and hard wearing
  • Fantastic value
  • 2mm-20mm joints
  • Easy to clean off but hard to use on walls (as with all wide joint grouts - best to use on floors only)
  • Slow setting but does clean off nicely with a damp cloth for final polishing when still wet.
  • Water & weather resistant