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Try to avoid tiling on wood by overboarding with tile backer board - if not this is great for areas with vibration or large thermal variations

Very flexible rubberised adhesive

This fixes to timber (such as floor boards) and steel.

Sets in 3 hours


...don't forget to buy primer for using these powder adhesives

Great for almost all tiles and all surfaces. 

Good for DIYers due to long pot life

Suitable for underfloor heating

Non-slip on walls

Water resistant

Ideal for commercial areas & swimming pools

Guaranteed for life

Our best selling product is great value

Fixes most tiles to most surfaces with a good pot life of up to 1 hour and setting time of 3 hours



Suitable for underfloor heating

Guaranteed for life

Fibre reinforced for increased strength 

Extra sticky & extra flexible for when there's regular vibration in the floor or wall

Guaranteed for life



Water resistant

....does stick hard so make sure you clean the tiles as you go!

Extra flexible and extra sticky standard setting wall & floor adhesive. 

Great for DIYers as it has a long bucket life & setting time.

Ultimate slow set wall & floor adhesive with added fibre technology for strength

Guaranteed for life

Use this to make adhesive extra flexible and greater adhesion.

Best to just use a more flexible adhesive in the first place but useful if you just have a small area that needs a bit more flex or is a different substrate such as wood.

.......and don't forget you'll need a good quality primer to ensure correct bonding and sealing of the substrate

Ultim8 can fix up to 400x300mm ceramics - nothing else.

Shower white does 200x200mm but is flexible so can be used with porcelain.

The shower white is whiter than ultim8 so best for DIYers who may leave a lot of adhesive showing in the joints

....there are other adhesives available for specialist installations such as gypsum (anhydrite screeds) thick bed,etc.

These are not kept in stock but available within 2 working days.

Please email or call us to discuss your requirements

All prices exclude VAT

.......if tiling onto screed that is not fully cured, do not use primer as the moisture will lift the primer and subsequently everything on top. If you have to do this best to use anti-fracture matting which can be installed and then tiled on after just a couple of days of laying the screed.

Use instead of water when mixing powder adhesives to make the adhesive layer waterproof.

Best to waterproof the substrate first using our tanking system but useful for small areas that need fast installation.

Pallet deal: Flexible rapid set adhesive for just £7.50 (+ vat)

£ PRICE PROMISE - we will not be beaten on price